Audio Research CA50 intagrated amplifier

Audio Research CA50 intagrated amplifier

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Προς πωληση ενας απο τους εξαιρετικους ολοκληρωμενους ενισχυτες τις Audio Research ,σε αψογη καταστασση εξωτερικα οσο και εσωτερικα .

Κατασταση λαμπων εξαιρετικη .

Power 45Watt /Channel

Customer Review 

A very clean sounding amplifier, but stay withing it's intended use (quartets, chamber music, smal jazz ensemble) as it will not be sufficient for anything larger. One thing I must admit,I totally HATE the controls on this thing, the round shape calls for rotation, but....well try it and let me know. At the asking price, an amp should but a delight ergonomically as wel as sonically. Lows as typical tubes, nicely done but soft and well behind a good solid state design. An overall nice performer that will provide satisfaction if you are not too demanding. I recently upgraded to separates (sonic frontier line1 and McCormack DNA-125). I may miss out on a slight tube roundness and coloration usually associated with glowing bottles, but everything else is a distinc improvement. 4 stars for sound,3 stars for value.

This integrated from Audio Research is a real sweetie. I bought it to replace a 23 years old Quad 33/303 that I do not miss (except for sentimental reasons). The sound is very smooth and detailed. I still lurk around (aren’t we all?) but I did not find anything worth to haul home. This is not the powerhouse to generate near seismic bass that will rattle your windows. So it will unlikely do for those who listen to electric/electronic music at house shaken level. But if you are in details, colors, textures of acoustic instruments, you should at least try it. It is powerful enough to drive a wide range of speakers. An improvement that could be made for only few dollars is the replacement of the Sovtek 6922 driver tubes. You can find a lot of premium tubes on the market that are much better sounding. You will have to experiment. As for the power tubes, the Ei KT90 (expensive and difficult to find now) were the best I tried but then the Svetlana 6550C are also very good. After more than a year, I am still having fun and discovering it.

*Associated equipments: ARC CD2, Magnepan MG1.6/QR, Magnum Dynalab FT-11, MIT cables, VansEvers power line filter


For sale in excellent condition Audio research CA-50 

power 45watt / channel

Remote include 

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